Removal of Trichobezoar

Cancer Stomach

Subtotal Gastrectomy

Stomach cancer also known as gastric cancer is the fifth most common cancer and is the third most common cause of cancer deaths
Symptoms: Patient present with vomitting when the tumor is located at the antro-pyloric region of stomach and causes gastric outlet obstrucction, Vomitting is typical non-billious, contain un-digested food material and occur 3-4 hrs of food intake; When the tumor bleeds patient can present with blood in the vomitus (hematemesis) or black stools, if the bleeding is slow patient may present with features of anemia such as weakness, easy fatigability; Patient may present with pain or lump left upper abdomen
Investigations: Upper GI Endoscopy is the first investigation, tumor site can be visualized and biopsy can be taken; One biopsy cofirms malignancy, CECT abdomen is done for staging
Treatment: Surgery is the treatment of choice if the tumor is resectable, Depending on the tumor location radical distal/subtotal/total gastrectomy is done

Total Gastrectomy